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We are a unique and dedicated partner for digital transformation and Industry 4.0. From strategy and governance to the implementation of tailor-made technologies, we deliver value to your industries.

We also mobilize our high qualitative team to strengthen your operations in Automation and Industrial IT Solutions, Process engineering, Maintenance and Reliability, Quality and Production, Management and Continuous Improvement.

Our vision

From defining the strategy and getting the organisation onboarded, to the development of tailor made solutions, Otofacto empowers its industrial clients and pragmatic innovation enthusiasts in industrial environments with automation and data to improve efficiency and maximize value delivery.

Our mission

We know that there is a lack of understanding and trust in new technologies and Industry 4.0 opportunities. Otofacto is here to guide and advise you in this complex environment and to show you through client success stories that it’s clearly possible to get ahead of change. We have the right experience, expertise and knowledge to support you in your Industry 4.0 journey. We accompany you step by step all along your digital journey.

Teambuilding Otofacto

At your service

We are not exclusively concerned with engineering or a source of dependable IT solutions. We are not a systems integrator, nor a hardware supplier.

We empower digital evolution in manufacturing.

Concretely? We are experts in building IoT platforms and intelligent solutions with powerful tools for event detection, data visualization and predictive analytics. Our consultants are experts in their field and understand the power of digital transformations in your company. They will untap your full digital potential and generate value for your business by identifying cases in your daily operations and enhance your industry 4.0 journey.


Our Global Ecosystem

Otofacto brings its expertise together with 5 other brands to foster a global tech ecosystem called Collaboration Betters The World.

  1. Positive Thinking Company. A global tech company specialized in Software Product Engineering, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital Workplace, Hyperautomation and Security.
  2. Versett. A consulting company specialized in the design of new products, improvement of existing products, launch of new companies, product consulting, strategic design and workshops.
  3. SteepConsult. A consulting company that translates vision into efficient operating models specialized in innovation and strategy, data strategy, governance and delivery.
  4. AlisPharm. An engineering and consulting company that supports Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices Manufacturers in the development and manufacting of their healthcare products.
  5. OneAston. A consulting company specialized in the improvement of banking experience.


The following facts & figures concern our Global Ecosystem


Each and every great idea at Otofacto is inspired by an open-minded attitude, characterised by talent development, collaboration, flexibility and a solution-oriented approach.


We believe that there are more solutions than problems. Our success is a direct result of our solution-oriented approach and our ability to innovate. We are passionate about everything we do and we remain focused on achieving the best possible results for our clients and colleagues.

Positive by choice.

The glass is always half-full. New ideas emerge from a positive open-minded attitude. We make sure that talents and clients are committed to the project so the results meet everyone's needs. Thanks to innovation, Otofacto helps its clients challenge the status quo.

Better together.

We think positive people are revealed thanks to collaboration. Our engagement towards our employees is therefore crucial to us.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Otofacto aspires to a responsible and respectful attitude towards its stakeholders and the environment. The Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our business model and of our collaborative performance approach. It encourages our colleagues’ initiatives and our management’s guidelines to converge and contribute for a better future.

Social Responsibility

Social Accountability towards our co-workers

Respect for human rights, equality of opportunity, safety, well-being, health, personal and professional development are fundamental principles guiding our conduct. The professional and personal skills of our collaborators can be of benefit to numerous initiatives. Volunteer and solidarity activities are encouraged in our spirit of collaborative performance.

Ethical business conduct

Respect of the Ethical principles and guidelines of the business sphere

In today’s changing business environment, ethical business practices are more required than ever. Our international presence, our business activities, our interaction with customers and the level of information we are exposed to, require an increased vigilance. We ask from our management as well as from our coworkers strict compliance to law and business ethics toward customers, competitors, suppliers and other business partners.

Solidary Involvement

“Learning Together” Initiative

For every coworker we support the access to an education for a person in need. This is our contribution to ensure equitable and quality education for all while promoting lifelong learning.

Respect of the environment

Commitment to meet environmental challenges

Respect of the environment is encouraged in our day-to-day activities. Our offices around the world are becoming greener, we strive to eliminate the use of plastic, we have invested in electric bikes and encourage our coworkers to use them as much as possible instead of traditional cars, we have saved tones of paper thanks to custom-made software and application, we work with green suppliers, we participate in global initiatives… And we continue seeking innovative ideas to help protect the environment together!