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Machineering 2023: smart manufacturing solutions

MACHINEERING 2023: technology fair on March 29, 30 & 31, 2023 at Brussels Expo

For the past few years, investment in manufacturing and mechanical engineering has been driven by innovation and Industry 4.0. It is in this context of perpetual evolution and innovation that events, such as Machineering, are organized to allow equipment and machinery vendors to expose their machines and present their services.

Machinery and engineering

Machineering 2023 includes everything about machinery and engineering and is conducted in ten routes that serve as a source of inspiration for all manufacturing companies: new machines, tools, materials and solutions for advanced manufacturing and engineering. It is the ideal location to both increase your expertise and meet potential partners. Indeed, this fair is home to more than 7000 companies specialized in materials processing, industrial supply, and mechanical engineering.

Otofacto at Machineering

Otofacto went to this fair to learn more about mechanical engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. We enjoy learning new things every day regarding tomorrow’s technological developments. For engineers and everyone else interested in technical advancements, this experience was singular and all-encompassing. And above all, the empowerment of digital evolution in manufacturing is no longer a novel method of operation; rather, it is increasingly necessary for manufacturing companies.

Experience sharing session

The Process & Equipment and Smart Automation communities of Otofacto collaborated to prepare an information session, called an Experience Sharing Session (ESS), around Machineering 2023.

ESS’s allow consultants to help each other, to develop their skills, and to meet new coworkers in a less formal way. Normally, they talk about the challenges they are facing during missions, and share their experiences and try to help each other by proposing specific solutions.

During this ESS, specifically, the main goal was to learn about new technologies that were discovered at the exhibition, and also to share and learn about the manufacturing industry and Industry 4.0, which is constantly changing.

Interesting technologies

During this session, they first started talking about the context of the fair, and then they focused on solely four technologies and how they work:

  • Augmented Operator Advisor: virtualizes points of interest into an augmented reality. It centralizes information which is useful for big teams or new operators. Indeed, they can point to a machine and see the important parameters in real time. It also increases efficiency. This Augmented operator Advisor has some characteristics such as industrial PC, wireless access point, AOA Builder, AOA runtime and mobile application.
  • Metal 3D printing: is a new technology which finds more and more use cases. It’s consistently evolving as well. It is the process of adding material instead of removing material from a larger object. In most of the processes they use the layering technique. That consists of building layers on the top of each other. It is a GS technology which is a provider of 3D printers and 3D printing service.
  • Laser cutting: consists on the principle of a high energy quantity that is generated by a laser and concentrated on a small surface allowing to vaporize material. One of the big advantages is that there is no limitation in the shape of the cut. There is also a large range of materials, power & price. One of the disadvantages is the thermal effect & the high energy consumption.
  • Automatic Computerized Numerical Control feeder: is a pre-programmed code that controls the movement of production equipment. This allows to have the finished product at the end of the process. There is also greater accuracy and repeatability. There exists 3 types of Automatic CNC feeders : automate Mill (Robotic arm), Semi Automate Lathe (Bar puller), Automatic Lathe (Bar Feeder).

They ended this ESS with a Q&A that allowed people who were not able to attend the Machineering to learn even more about other technologies they discovered at Machineering.

In conclusion, this event offers significant benefits for companies and industries looking to leverage advanced machines, technologies to improve their processes, products and services. With the rise of AI and automation, machineering is set to play an increasingly important role in the presentation of innovative and efficient solutions. The fair has allowed the Otofacto team to immerse itself further in all these innovations to get the best out of them and implement them in our way of working. Industry 4.0, more than ever in expansion, requires these advanced machines and technologies. It was an enriching experience from an expertise point of view but also allowed us to strengthen the bonds between the members of the Otofactoweome team.

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