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reduce your costs improve your productivity minimize your risks maximize the use of your assets

Have you explored the potential of modern technology to solve your current operational issues? Are you struggling with analyzing your data?

The skills you are looking for, are more and more hybrid and the success of these projects is more and more critical.

Let's optimize your manufacturing processes!
Otofacto is a reliable partner for your industry 4.0 solutions.

We empower digital evolution in manufacturing.

Our Approach

Industry 4.0 Consulting Services

We mobilize our performing team to strengthen your operations on consultancy basis:

  • Smart Automation;
  • Maintenance & Reliability;
  • Process Engineering;
  • Continuous Improvement.

Our consultants are experts in their field and understand the power of digital transformations in your company. They will untap your full digital potential and generate value for your business by identifying cases in your daily operations and enhance your industry 4.0 journey.

Combining manufacturing expertise, industry-specific domain knowledge, and hands-on technology experience, Otofacto helps industrial companies to optimize their operations and quantitatively improve performance, flexibility, and increase productivity.

We connect, automate, digitalize and give you the right insights for your production lines.

End-to-end Solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions


We initiate and strengthen your digital journey by challenging your Industry 4.0 Maturity. By aligning people, process, governance and technology, we develop a tailor-made and pragmatic digital roadmap.

This innovation-driven approach is led by our Digital Core Team and Industrial Analytics Team. They scope, develop, implement and maintain end-to-end digital solutions designed for industrial environments

Otofacto is part of a Global Ecosystem composed of 5 other brands that support us in the development of the technological stacks.


Many companies understand what Industry 4.0 solutions can do for them and therefore jump directly into the realization of use cases. Rather than doing Proof of Concepts (PoCs), their degree of maturity can be greatly increased by considering all fields of action in an Industry 4.0 strategy.

The challenges you may encounter:

  1. Lack of digitalization strategy
  2. Manual non-transparent processes
  3. No central technical infrastructure
  4. Absence of clear organization
  5. Failure in use case implementation

Otofacto is here to bring a customized Industry 4.0 strategy and concrete recommendations for the implementation of Industrial Analytics.


A team of digital experts with a background in Industrial IT, Automation, Process, Data, Agile Methodology and (I)IOT that will translate your pain points into impactful business cases.

Every plant is unique

Since every plant is unique there is no one-fits-all approach. Our team brings pragmatic and tailor-made digital solutions for your assets.

To do so, they ask the right questions. They provide you with a full analysis of your industrial challenges in order to bring you concrete, feasible and scalable solutions.

The right technology

This team tackles your business challenges and digital projects with the right technology with the support of our Global Ecosystem and the Industrial Analytics Team that untaps the potential of your industrial data.


Data? Yes! Industrial Data? Better.

They are data experts, yes, but more importantly… experts in industrial data.

These data scientist and industrial IT experts connect existing manufactural infrastructure with modern IT-systems. Additionally, they support you in analysing your systems to improve production quality, reduce downtimes or automatize quality inspection.

This end-to-end approach enables the direct integration of these analytical models in the live production, therefore creating an immediate cost reduction in your daily business.

Concretely, they build tailor-made analytics solutions and connect manufacturing infrastructures with modern IT systems.

Collaboration Betters The World

Otofacto is part of a larger ecosystem: a global and independent tech group called Collaboration Betters The World.

Where the group implements technology to make our lives better, Otofacto addresses your business challenges and acts as a translator between your business needs and your technological potential.

This ecosystem gives us a competitive dimension in complete project implementation.

Industry 4.0


Smart Automation

We provide adapted solutions to ensure an added value for our clients by maintaining the security of the industrial facilities, enhancing the performance of the production, reducing costs, downtimes, risks and working in an environment friendly ecosystem.

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Process Engineering

We make your engineering processes evolve by supporting the (re)design of your production lines, improving your workflows and cycle times thanks to the implementation of new technologies and by helping you gain insights in your production processes.

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Maintenance & Reliability

We strive for maximum technical availability and reliability of your production lines. We have the right knowledge and expertise to guide you towards Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of your assets.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We guide your production teams in Continuous Improvement Processes with the right methods to improve your product quality, increase your agility, efficiency and productivity, decrease your costs and reduce your waste.

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