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We create an inspiring environment to enhance your career

Together, we discover, navigate and design a unique career path tailored to your personal needs.

We partner to set clear goals. During the year, we monitor your progress and give you feedback and guidance every step of the way. We bring the appropriate ressources to give you the opportunity to evolve.
Industrial Engineer

I joined Otofacto more than 3 years ago and I believe that finding a healthy environment with openminded collaborators is more than important today. My interest in sharing experience with other consultants and in discovering new industries was also a key argument to choose for Otofacto.

Project Engineer

I joined Otofacto because of the nice atmosphere and the mission opportunities. My ambitions and expectations are met through the perfect missions. In addition, you always stay in touch with all Otofacto consultants through nice events. It is important for me to stay connected with the company.

Leader France

Data, electronics and automation are all part of the Industry 4.0 solutions! I’d be happy to talk with you about business and job opportunities in France!

Career & Evolution Specialist

I’m passionate about people, corporate cultures & employee journeys. I enjoy high-energy roles that allow me to get creative and collaborate with others.

As your partner, I guide you through the key-moments that rythm your otofactowesome journey. The career & evolution department facilitates conditions & opportunities for learning and growing! Together we discover what you need,  what drives & inspires you.  Ready to take that next step in your career? Let’s get you where you aspire to be!


The Otofacto Journey

We have great mission opportunities

We are well-known for the great relationships we have with big and smaller clients in all kinds of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Metallurgy, Technology, Energy, Aeronautical, Aerospace Industries, etc.

But… we also propose real innovative, industry 4.0 related missions.

If you are triggered by digital innovation in manufacturing, great minds think alike!
Discover what your future mission could look like.

We have vibrant communities

Our communities bring people together around a shared interest following a common purpose. A fun environment for knowledge sharing, networking and a different way of learning that brings support.

If you read our values, you now know that we carry a collaborative spirit in the heart of our company. We encourage passionate engagement by giving you the opportunity to become a vital part of one of our communities, or even to start your own!

Grab your opportunity to work closely together with other consultants, clients and the internal team. Explore and try out different roles, develop new skills & decide what projects you want to work on. Take ownership of your evolution. Together, we dream, dare and collaborate!

We bring you the right trainings

We believe our co-workers are our most valuable asset. That’s why our Career & Evolution team’s daily focus is to guide you along your learning journey to help you:

  • Better succeed
  • Evolve professionally
  • Grow in your role
  • Achieve your ambitions

Based on their profile and role, our co-workers are allocated a dedicated training catalogue that’s best suited to their needs. Nonetheless, we always want to improve! That’s why we will always give you the possibility to propose some trainings that are not in the catalogue and you feel are necessary to achieve some objectives. Feedback is how we grow!

At Otofacto, you have the possibility to be the actor of your evolution.

We support you

A whole team is here to help you overcome whatever challenges you’re facing on your mission and celebrate the achievements together!

You will be assisted by your Business Manager and HR, but you can also count on Victoria Moussoux, our Work & Life Coach. She supports you when you go through a difficult situation or when you need help to be more serene in your daily work. Thanks to her, you will be the actor of your own coaching journey and get concrete action plans to unlock your potential and maximize your own performance.

Process & Equipment Community

What’s in it for you?

  • They share and gain knowledge
  • They support on trainings, mission topics and experiences
  • They connect you to new colleagues and subjects


They meet two times per month:

  • 1 to share experiences and discuss challenges about the projects
  • 1 for knowledge sharing on a process, a tool, a framework 

Let’s gather with people with a similar background around Process & Equipements subjects. Let’s talk about process design, process control, safety, reliability, norms and standards, optimization!

Smart Automation Community

What’s in it for you?

  • You will extend your knowledge, turn into a top-notch automation specialist
  • You will build bridges between innovation and field experience


They meet two times per month:

  • 1 to share experiences and discuss challenges about the projects
  • 1 for knowledge sharing on automation

Let’s gather with people with a similar background around Automation. Let’s exchange about Industrial IoT, IT, Robotics, Intouch, Emerson, Siemens, PLCs, etc !

Ecosystem Communities

Healthy Thinkers Community

They promote healthy habits, ensure a great work life balance and happiness in people’s job. They want to create a safe place to share experiences and improve mental and physical well-being ​

Language Conversation Tables Community

Keen to practice your Dutch, French, English, Spanish or German in a good atmosphere with other coworkers? This community is built around language learning and practicing. They gather weekly or monthly and talk about everyday conversation topics from real life situations.

Sports Communities

Once you joined Otofacto, you can join several sports teams of the company like the Climbers Club or the Football Team, for example. They practice their sport weekly and love to have a good time with colleagues.

Many more communities are waiting for you!

Meet our team

Every day, our positive mindset evolves thanks to the commitment of our coworkers. They are the essence of our philosophy and values. Together we can achieve much more than any of us can alone.

Join us!

We are fun, we promise.