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Assess your Industry 4.0 maturity


How can you assess your Industry 4.0 maturity?

At Otofacto, we deliver customized Industry 4.0 strategies & concrete recommendations for the implementation of industrial analytics for your industry.

The challenges you encounter

Many companies understand what Industry 4.0 can do for them and therefore jump directly into the realization of use cases. Rather than doing Proof of Concepts (PoCs), their degree of maturity can be greatly increased by considering all fields of action in an Industry 4.0 strategy.

  • Lack of digitalization strategy
  • Manual non-transparent processes
  • No central technical infrastructure
  • Absence of clear organization
  • Failure in use case implementation

How we help you


We collect and analyze the current state or your Industry 4.0 Maturity with workshops & expert surveys.


For each field of action, we provide recommendations about:

  1. Strategy: Business strategy, Use case identification, Analytical roadmap
  2. Processes: Capture and evaluation of the maturity of existing processes for Industry 4.0
  3. Technical infrastructure: Identification of existing systems, Platform for analytics & data, Data storage, availability & quality
  4. Organization: Roles and training, Project management, Data analytics lab & factory
  5. Use case implementation: From proof of concept via minimal viable product to productive system


  1. Industry 4.0 Maturity Report
  2. Tailor-made implementation strategy
  3. Detailed roadmap
  4. Management recommendations


4 workshops
12.500 EUR (excl. VAT)

Let’s build your Industry 4.0 roadmap together!

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