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How our tech ecosystem enables digital transformation Best Practice at Otofacto


Digital transformation: how does it work?

At Otofacto, we promise to empower digital transformation but we do not do it alone.

What are we all about?

“Collaboration betters the world” is more than just a simple thought or a name. It is our approach to business problems and our way of working to deliver end-to-end solutions.  

Who are we?

We are a global group with different technology brands. Each is focused on addressing a different problem and building something meaningful. All while doing it collaboratively!

Read more on each of the specific brands from the ecosystem.

Our Purpose at Otofacto –  “We empower digital transformation in manufacturing.”

Our Mission at Otofacto is to leverage and integrate technologies from Industry 4.0 such as IoT, AI, Cloud computing, robotics, automation and more. But not limited to just technologies. Additionally, we are here to enable our clients to digitally transform their core businesses from A to Z.

We are all in for our clients: their success is ours!

In this ambitious and daunting task we don’t stand alone.

We believe in – “If you want to go far, go together.

Moto that resonates with everyone at CTBW

A practical outlook on what we really mean when we say interconnected operations between the different CBTW brands

A deeper look into the complex world of digital transformation in the manufacturing sector

The industrial sector has gone through many evolutions.


  1. Basic digitalization, where more and more electronics were introduced in the processes and replacing manual work
  2. to digitalized operations, software-driven approach that replaces human-driven actions.
  3. to finally, SMART factories, or factories in line with the industry 4.0 concept.

Unlike previously thought, Industry 4.0 or digitally transformed businesses are, in reality, much more than just businesses where technology was introduced in various processes.

Digital transformation of a business requires a comprehensive transformation in the following areas, and in how they interact and collaborate:

  • The people
  • The business itself,
  • The vision/mission
  • The strategy
  • The processes

Bringing various expertise together in one plate to deliver digital transformation best practice

We are linking IT & OT sides of a business.

  • IT: Information Technology systems, deals with digital information.
  • OT: Operational Technology systems, manages the operation of physical processes (shopfloors)

Traditionally, the OT side, worked rather independently with its own controller, processes and more importantly its own priorities.

  • IT prioritizes moving info from one system to another.
  • OT prioritizes producing the right product at the right time at the right place.
Digital Transformation
Priorities of IT and OT (TechTarget)

One of the biggest barriers for an interconnected factory is the difficulty to connect the OT side of a business to its IT side.

However, I4.0 technologies such as IoT, Cloud computing, and AI enables greater interaction between the IT and OT. The IT overlap and convergence with the OT has pushed for a complete transformation in the way businesses are run.

This allows industries unimagined accuracy and efficacy that enables staggering growth and profound results.

How we enable digital transformation of businesses by bringing the two core aspects together?

To drive maximum results and leverage the I4.0 to the fullest, we have brought together two teams.

IAT: The Industrial Analytics Team

DCT: The Digital Core Team

Our Two Core Teams

The DCT: Digital Core Team

The team consists of SMEs (Subject matter Experts) from various technical backgrounds who strive to provide technological solutions to the clients. Multiple expertise in the team allows the DCT to map out a strategy for digital transformation that is as practical as it can get. In addition, they guide the client holistically to realize value points, solve pain points and drive maximum results.


As mentioned, in Industry 4.0 driven companies the OT and IT aspects are intertwined, and one compliments the other, maximizing results.

Likewise, the DCT focuses on the OT side of the client. The experts have technical backgrounds; hence they are familiar with the shopfloor needs and problems. Moreover, their efforts are focused on bringing the IT and OT closer, so that one understands the other and vice-versa.

The DCT expertise
  1. Technological Solutions
  2. SMEs
  3. Broader view on the market
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Insights on Dos and Don’ts

➡️ Read here how to build a digital transformation strategy roadmap in manufacturing with the Digital Core Team.


For the IT side we have another special team called Industrial analytics Team. The team consists of IT specialists with a background in Data Science who deliver end-to-end solutions. They pave the way towards data-driven decision-making and digital maturity for optimal performance.

The overlap of IT into the OT has resulted in the requirement of a different type of governance.

The IAT enables digital overview of daily actions. Allowing 360-degree view with an X-Ray vision through interconnected data points in a plant/factory, etc. In addition, the IAT helps to device a precise roadmap to achieve this digital maturity, bringing business value.

  1. Strategy: Building a roadmap aligned with the vision and strategy of the client, to find the best which brings the best results.
  2. Development of Processes: The IAT digs deep into the already established processes. The purpose is to enhance the processes and every find hidden opportunities.
  3. Technical Infrastructure: As mentioned, the IAT are IT specialists. Therefore, they can bring about required infrastructure such as Data storage and availability, Platform for Data Science etc.
  4. Organizational training: Allows the clients to maintain their edge in the Long-term and strive towards self-reliance.
Want to know more?

Uncover how we managed to find a very specific pain point, that caused massive losses. And solved it, increasing the ROI massively.

Read our Success Story with one of our clients, a German-Swiss multinational equipment manufacturer that produces, among others, mining trucks.

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Adopting an industry 4.0 mindset

As mentioned, digital transformation is more than just introduction of technologies into the processes. It is in fact, transformation of the business driven due to technology. And a major part of this change involves the change of culture.

The change begins from the very top. Hence, there is no denying that without the involvement from the top management, digital transformation is an impossibility.

However, many companies make one vital mistake during the digital transformation journey and when it comes to integrating a I4.0 mindset.

They do not involve the end-users, the people who are working on the shopfloors as much as the top management is involved. This results in implementation of a limited digital strategy with a minimal results.

The two core teams of Otofacto:

  1. The DCT
  2. The IAT

Make sure that this does not occur!

The change management entails, a way in which the strategy, the vision and the methodology are aligned. With the IT side complementing the OT.

Implementing digital transformation: an adaptive approach

To conclude, digital transformation is not a one step process, neither there is one fit all approach when implementing this transformation. It requires, adaptive approach, especially for established businesses. Allowing the end-user to adapt accordingly. Then scaling it for promising results.

Sustainable Digital Transformation” is the goal and not a short-term result oriented digitalization that is incapable to perform in the long-run.

At Otofacto, we promise to empower digital transformation but we do not do it alone.

For example, our two core teams operate across different brands. The DCT is an Otofacto team while the IAT is from the Positive Thinking Company, also part of CBTW.

Enabling us to support our clients from every angle possible!

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