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How to start developing digital transformation strategy for manufacturing with the Digital Core Team


Our Digital Core Team can build the digital transformation strategy for manufacturing companies!

Let’s scope your digitalization project

Seeking to developing digital transformation strategy for manufacturing? Have you been looking into digitalizing your processes, but don’t know where to start and what is possible?
Do you feel like there are a lot of things you could improve with the data you have, but are you having difficulties with tying everything together?

You are not the only one struggling with this. Let’s translate your painpoints into impactful business cases, thanks to our Digital Core Team.

How do they develop digital transformation strategy for manufacturing concretely?

Tailor-made solutions

Every plant is unique. Our team brings pragmatic and tailor-made digital solutions for your assets.

How can a solution be tailor-made?

By asking the right questions. The Digital Core team is not a team of sales representatives, but rather consists of engineers with real-life experience in the field. This means that they know which questions to ask to identify problems and how they can work towards solutions for you and with you. They help you developing digital transformation strategy for manufacturing.

This team provides you with a full analysis of your industrial challenges in order to bring you concrete, feasible and scalable solutions.

  1. Any digital transformation strategy starts with a Maturity Check. The goal of this Maturity Check is to help companies start, scale, and sustain their transformation initiatives, while taking into consideration their vision and objectives.
  2. Having a clear vision and a common language is very important to avoid pitfalls that makes 80% of digital transformation projects fail.
  3. We help the company prioritize the project depending on what kind of result they would like to have.

The Digital Core Team helps them into data gathering & requirement engineering, technical and functional.

The right technology

This team tackles your business challenges and digital projects with the right technology and with the support of our Global Ecosystem, CBTW, and the Industrial Analytics Team that untaps the potential of your industrial data.

We cover not only operational & technical need but also business related projects due to our collaboration with the other brands of our ecosystem:

  1. Positive Thinking Company. A global tech company specialized in Software Product Engineering, Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital Workplace, Hyperautomation and Security.
  2. Versett. A consulting company specialized in the design of new products, improvement of existing products, launch of new companies, product consulting, strategic design and workshops.
  3. SteepConsult. A consulting company that translates vision into efficient operating models specialized in innovation and strategy, data strategy, governance and delivery.
  4. AlisPharm. An engineering and consulting company that supports Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices Manufacturers in the development and manufacting of their healthcare products.
  5. OneAston. A consulting company specialized in the improvement of banking experience.

This means that we are not just limited to providing technical solutions and support. We can also enlist the help of our partners within CBTW to facilitate change management, enhance cybersecurity, optimize business operations or deliver innovative product designs, to name a few.

A personal approach

Our Digital Core Team seeks for long-term partnerships with our customers. They are fully commited to guiding you on the never-ending road to Inudstry 4.0 and a fully digital enterprise.

Who is the Digital Core Team?

The Digital Core Team is a team of digital experts with a background in :

  • Industrial IT
  • Automation
  • Process
  • Data
  • Agile Methodology
  • (I)IOT

They want to help our customers implement digitalization in order to optimize their processes and allow them to grow.

The members of the Digital Core Team

Kevin Van Lersberghe

Industry 4.0 strategy roadmap - Kevin Van Lersberghe of the Digital Core Team

“I used to be a fully-fledged IT developer and gradually developed skills in Scrum as a Scrum Master and Product Owner. In 2019, I took a leap towards Otofacto and jumped into a project at one of our industrial clients as an Automation Engineer with virtually no engineering knowledge. My IT skills turned out to be a great asset on the job and I have learned a lot about what it means to be an engineer these last 3 years.” 

Randy Oelbrandt

Digital transformation strategy roadmap - Randy Oelbrandt of the Digital Core Team

“I started at Otofacto in 2021 as an Automation Engineer. My skills as an Automation Engineer and experience with IoT-technologies and edge devices made a good match for my project in the pharmaceutical industry where I combine these skills for the OEE/RTE project.” 

Wouter Slechten

Digital transformation strategy roadmap - Wouter Slechten of the Digital Core Team

“I transitioned from a role as a Process Engineer with an emphasis on continuous improvement to a role in developing industrial analytics applications with an emphasis on predictive quality. 
Here I got a strong fundamental understanding of machine learning algorithms and their implementations. Today I have built up experience in deploying, managing, and extending robust and scalable data platforms. This also gave me a strong basis in networking and infrastructural components. Besides that, I have built up experience in both back-end as well as front-end software development.” 

Mohamed Ben Slama

Mohamed Ben Slama of the Digital Core Team

“I started as a full-fledged Automation and Industrial engineer that focuses on process optimization in industries based on data analysis, but I always have been curious about new technologies and innovation, which made me change my career path to consulting and helping companies start their digital transformation journey in 2019. Today, I’m an industry 4.0 generalist with technical focus on OT technologies, problem scoping / structuring and project management. My mission is to help companies and managers understand and structure their needs, analyze cost-benefits and implement different solutions.”

Optimization projects and Digital transformation strategy roadmap in the make for clients

Some cases of developing digital transformation strategy for manufacturing by our Digital Core Team

Food & Beverage Industry

Our client in the food & beverage industry was encountering equipment breakdowns which caused a lot of downtimes on the production lines, which of course costs a lot of money. The Digital Core Team analyzed these issues and managed to use the client’s maintenance data to show that a focus on preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance could decrease downtime and costs.
Today, the DCT is investigating and planning a proof of concept on the installation that shows the most unexpected downtime with the possibility of scaling this to the entire production facility.

Biotechnology industry

Our client in the biotech industry wanted to monitor their OEE and ultimately increase their productivity. Our Digital Core Team, together with PTC solutions, has developed a mature platform to encompass needs for our industry clients. Together with the client we developed a cloud based platform to ensure best practices and scalability.

Mining industry

Our client was not only looking for technical innovations and digital solutions to the issues they were facing, but was also looking for a partner that could help their organisation transition into something that is a better fit in today’s market. Here, we were able to use the resources we have available in our global ecosystem to also involve specialist in governance and change management in our interactions with the client.

Ready to develop your digital transformation strategy for your manufacturing company?

Upon countless observations of the most common challenges that are encountered by manufacturing companies when transforming to industry 4.0 and building a digital transformation strategy, our Digital Core Team was consolidated.

As mentioned, our Digital Core Team is comprised of various experts from different fields. They are able to effectively develop strategies and framework from ground up, no matter which industry. On top of that, our various partners and their specific niche gives us the third eye view which allows to bring unimaginable solutions and insights for our clients. 

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