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Industry 4.0 technologies


Innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Image or Speech Analytics change the world and the way human beings, machines, and companies act and interact.

Industry 4.0 technologies

Our teams of word-class technology consultants and engineers in all these fields help our clients to grow their innovation strategies and technological skills in order to develop state-of-the-art cyberphysical solutions.

Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fueling all major innovation areas that currently revolutionize manufacturing. As top experts in DL and AI we know the field and watch its ultrafast development for you. Our many projects in recent years gave us the experience how to apply these technologies to various application areas. Skeptical? Try us!

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Driven by AI and machine learning more and more machines, vehicles and appliances in the world around us are getting automated. Robots and autonomous systems will be pervasive in our private life as well as in production environments. Sounds like SciFi for you? Our teams of engineers, IT experts and AI specialists make it real for you!

Image Processing

Computer vision has long been hampered by a lack of computing and algorithm power. With the advent of Deep Learning techniques the capabilities of image analytics have grown tremendously. The already existing applications and the manifold of ideas what all can be done in this field will give manufacturing a boost through a new wave of automation in production, quality management, and service. Our solutions for image analytics are fast to deploy, easy to adopt to your applications and less expensive than you would think. Talk to us!

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