Smart Production and Smart Products

Expertise :

At Otofacto we have long-year experience in designing smart products and production components. We know how to equip them with the right sensors and actuators and how to setup IoT platforms for monitoring, maintenance, and operations that integrate sensor and machine data with their digital twin and other sources of information. We are experts in building intelligent solutions on top of these IoT platforms with powerful tools for event detection, data visualization and predictive analytics. And we bring the intelligence also back to the edge.

Production Planning & Control (PPC)

High-resolution data collected by innovative sensors, stored and managed in big-data platforms and analyzed by intelligent algorithms are the basis for the next level in Production Planning & Controlling (PPC). Realtime monitoring apps and intelligence-driven proposals give managers and shop-floor employees full control over production processes and allow them to react quickly and decentrally to unexpected events. Significant reduction of losses and cost are an obvious business case for PPC in times of Industry 4.0 .

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

MES are a major building block of production in the digital age. Many have understood the necessity for an MES and started projects as part of their Industry 4.0 strategy. But still the majority of manufacturers don't have one in place and productive and many have not even started concrete activities. MES projects can get complex. Otofacto guides you through technology evaluation, architecture design, implementation, go live and optimization in operations.

Predictive Maintenance & Predictive Quality

Major drivers of change in manufacturing are predictive intelligence and algorithm-based pattern recognition. They can be applied to a plethora of high-resolution data collected by myriads of innovative sensor solutions. Our data scientists and analytics engineers have a long-year track record of successful projects for predictive maintenance and predictive quality for large and small manufacturer of different segments. They share their best practices and standard solutions, that can easily be tailored to your individual situation and requirements.

Digital Twin

The digital twin is a most powerful concept to model and exchange information about physical objects. Interpreting sensor data in many cases is not meaningful without information about internal structures and history of a machine or component bundled in the digital twin. It is a key building block for an Industry 4.0 framework and a prerequisite for efficient and effective application of intelligent analyses. Designing and implementing digital twins is a key competency of Otofacto.